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EST. 1992

30 Years of Experience

1992…Wow, What a year! I Bought my first home and in the country, of all places! Three acres on a quiet road. Amy, my then 8 year old daughter and I were surrounded by fields and woods. All that nature… We wanted to feel more secure and protected so, like many people do, we decided to get a dog. “Lady”, a golden retriever, joined our family.

Far from being a guard dog, she was a loyal companion and best friend. She brought us such joy as she chased birds, swam in nearby lakes and walked endlessly along with us. She loved going for rides in the car, too. Her tail was always wagging and her eyes gleaming.

She was such a terrific dog we decided to breed her. At the time, though, we had no clue about breeding or… puppies. Sixty days later we began learning quickly with 13 beautiful bundles of fur. We found wonderful homes for every one. I enjoyed this experience so much that I decided to breed golden retrievers professionally. I wanted to learn about the breed and how to responsibly produce the best quality retriever pups I could.

I began joining retriever clubs and associations to gather information and network with others interested in this terrific breed of dogs. Now 30+ years later I am more informed, and interested in the Golden Retriever Breed than ever. I now have several confirmation and hunting titles as a result of these associations. We’re also very proud to have had several of our dogs become therapy companions for the young, handicapped, and elderly.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you may have about this amazing breed.

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Owner, Goldens of Country Acres

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